• We have conducted programmes all over India, Especially in Karnatka, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Madhyapradesh.
  • We Have Published 72 books in MALAYALAM, Hindi and English and six periodicals.
  • We have conducted 19 vehicle journeys travelling 144000 Km and conducting 38000+ Awareness type corner Meetings.
  • We have found unwanted and needy people everywhere so we have started  income generating centers and centers for orphans and widows. NOCER is developing the people and entrusting the centers to the areas people. This will give empathy to the people and they will protect the centers with the people’s fund. This is our strategy and it gives more accountability. The centers at Trivandrum and ADOOR is functioning. The center at PAYYANNUR with Ten acres of Land and 27 buildings have been lost by a strike by marxist community party followers.
  • We started working with endo sulphan effected people (FROM 2002 onwards) and the huge number of child  mortality in ENMAKAJHE grama panchayath. This was a program of HEATH MINISTRY GOVT.Of INDIA.started in 2008. Within 3 years we have developed empowered the women to go hospital for CHILD BIRTH and take medicine during pregnancy period. 


(Creating Opportunities and Resources for Empowerment)

Core Centers will be our face before the society, which will be handled by our volunteers, who will empower the children, youth, and members of the society around by engaging to resolve grievances and complaints on every sphere of life except the police domain. Our Volunteer Trainers, at Core centers, will do the following and more.

  • Non-formal educational programs  (a) Peace education consisting of Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Peace, Non-Violence, and Conflict resolution. (b) Peace Plus modules consisting of Panchayati Raaj (Local Self-Administration), Indian Constitution and Fundamental Rights, Human Rights, Right to Information, Consumer Rights and amicable resolution of consumer grievances, Legal aid, and other relevant themes applicable to children, youth, and elders.
  • Functional education (read, write, bank operations, ATM, essential public dealings, Govt. related actions and operations) for children, school drop-outs, uneducated youth, and elders).
  • Amicable settlement of consumer grievances of all kinds, liaising with manufacturers, dealers, retailers, and service providers.
  • Take up consumer complaints with manufacturers/ distributors/ dealers/ retailers for timely resolution of the grievance.
  • Promotion of Organic farming.
  • Digital payment promotion to encourage members of society towards the digital policy of the nation.
  • Consultation facilities for training and civic matters.
  • Digital education especially to the weaker section of the society.
  • Waste Management System.
  • Environmental concerns.
  • Establishing Plant Nurseries for social forestry.
  • Facilitating all Government pensions and welfare schemes to the entitled.
  • Promoting Start-Up programs with Government aid and support for employment and entrepreneurial development for youth.
  • Facilitating legal aid and sustainability support to the elderly and people in distress.
  • Core Centers shall be places accessible for all sections of the society crossing over caste, creed, religious, and political ideologies.
  • Promoting organic farming in households as an awareness program against cancer and as an effort to combat the spreading of the disease.
  • Promoting Medicinal Plants in every household and traditional household treatment for simple ailments.
  • Promotion and establishment of Dairy Farm, Goat Farm, Fish Farm, Poultry Farm, etc. in villages.
  • Promote physical and mental health and implement waste disposal management.
  • The campaign against Alcoholism, sale, and consumption of drugs and unhealthy substances.
  • Counseling to promote debt-free life planned and happy family life.
  • Intervention in all socially relevant matters affecting human life in society.
  • Organizing traditional arts, sports, and cultural activities.