Design Your world

20'C' s are 20 tools to design your world

fall in love with YOUR LIFE


  • ‘MINDFULNSS’ when involving in situations
  • Accept , Identify , realize and remove the ‘negative’  emotion ,
  • Thoughts are just ‘thoughts’, Thoughts are not facts , it can be changed
  • Always present oneself , as  a capable person  with positive attitude
  • Confidence in Rule of Law, good quality seeds, organic manure and pesticides, water for cultivation, easy Loans, good price for farmers, safe drinking water, shelter, good hospitals, effective pensions and welfare schemes, employment for the villagers, entrepreneurship development.

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A subjective feeling of consciousness of ones own powers and ability to deal with the situations

Ability to do well with regard to the task in front of you


  • Quit learning, is stop growing, Continue learning till the end of life,
  • No matter how much one is improving,
  • Self Learning is a must to build competency ,
  • Learn everything under the sun … not only the text book
  • A citizen should be empowered as a competant person. If a citizen is competent he will Live With HAPPINESS

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  • Human relations:  We join & celebrate joyous occasions Also support one another during challenging times.
  • In such relations, one should know each one of us is protected in the net work 
  • So encourage social relations. The more, the better
  • The citizens should connect with other people, institutions, NGOs, etc.

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A state of affairs existing between those having  relations or dealings

Tell me, I may forget ! Show me I may remember ! But involve me, I will learn


  • Everything is interlinked closely in this world.
  • Attitude is built in, that make good habits.
  • These habits define the character of a person which makes him go far in life.
  • Nothing comes easy in life and difficult things can only be achieved only if a person has the right attitude, training and back ground.
  • The people should learn more about their CHARACTER. The citizens should change their character towards other citizens. 
  • We can change our character and Love our brothers and sisters and Live with Love.

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  • Contribute , one will get back as support
  • For contributing , get involved in groups
  • Contribute your help  & guidance to others
  • Join with an adult/experienced activist
  •  CONTRIBUTION is the fifth subject to Educate the citizen. You have to contribute what you can. In sharing your, talents, education, knowledge. Contributions, power, talent etc.

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The giving or supplying of something that plays a significant part in making something to happen

Coping skills are strategies we use to deal with difficult emotions like fear, stress, and disappointment. 


  • Watch  and learn the coping strategies  of others
  • Coping depends learned resilience  components
  • React positively in negative situation
  • Start on the own remedial /solutions/ de-stress
  • This quality will make changes in the citizens and Happiness will rest in the village. 
  • We have to learn the good qualities of our leaders, the strength and patriotism shown by our freedom fighters 
  • The good deeds of our leaders and our forefathers. We can empower our citizens to learn coping skills.

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  • This is a new idea to support farmers and to protect the interest of consumers. The farmers can understand how much products a farmer has to cultivate and produce. The price is also fixed before cultivation with consumers. 
  • The consumers have no price hike, good Quality, and correct weight fresh organic products.

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  • In a village, the happiness will come only when all citizens including women and men have a job. For this the village people should start Entrepreneurship in their range and scope. The necessary trainings and support will be given by the authorities.

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  • To empower Grama Sabhas participating full members 
  • Take decision in the Gram Sabha for the benefits of the members.
  • Frequent meeting for all issues developing in the village (gram).
  • The decision of the Gram Sabha should be implemented in time without any interference.
  • A social audit should be done by the grama sabha members.

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  • There should be a family budget in all small and big houses.
  •  The Money should be spent wisely. 
  • The village should take at most care on Loans

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11. COURAGE TO AVOID LIQUOR, DRUGS and Tobacco products.
avoid lifestyle diseases and protect mental health.

  • If you want to develop a happy village the citizens should avoid liquor and drugs. The liquor and drugs will develop quarrels, no attendance and help Issues. The children will lose their quality, self-experience etc. We can work on becoming a new man, new family, new village without using Liquor and Drugs we can work for ‘a better life’.

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To exercise self restraining or influencing ones own emotions  

12. Communication with Empathy in DisastROUS Events.

  •  People want care, support, protection and affection in disasters.
  •  Here in Happy Village, we will support the victims of disasters.
  • We can work together for Happiness.

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  • We have to completely ban diesel and petrol vechicles, not cut trees and plant more trees to clear the atmosphere of our mother Earth. We wont break rocks, wont cover rivers, wont throw waste on roadsides and pollute our earth. 
  • We can make a change- Happy Village is near to our imagination. 

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14. CAN EMPOWER familIES especially senior citizens, widows, adolescents, physically and mentally challenged with stay-homes.

  • Breastfed children will support family. We can share the Love of Infants . This will empower mothers. Dear friends we can aware the pregnant women to aware about Breastfeeding to infants. 
  • We can work on empowering family about the importance of Breastfeeding and aware the family on other topics which include pregnant women, children, adolescents and adults alike.

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15. CONSUMER PROTECTION Act-2019 and rti.

  • Consumer Protection Act-2019 is the valuable Tool for consumers for the adulteration in food items, less weight, and measurements, charging more than MRP, deficiency in services, medical negligences, mislead advertisements etc.
  •  If you have any problems, first write a notice asking for remedies if you did not get satisfactory solutions you can file a complaint in Consumer Dispute Redressal Commissions in all districts of India. 
  • Awareness about Bureau of Indian Standards, ISI mark and ISO certification.

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16. Care for transpArency and good governance

  • We can together work to devlop a well-governed land of peace and harmony.

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17. CONStitution of india and legal awareness

  • Educate and aware the Indian Constitution to the school children.
  • Educate and aware about fundamental duties and rights.
  • The importance to know our constitution from early years.

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18. Concentrate and educate marriage guidance course, affection and protect the rigts and duties of pregnant women

  • We have to educate the youth when they are going to marry about the importance of married life.
  • The pregnant women should be cared, supported, given love from the community house and from the spouse.
  • The well being of the infant in the womb of mother.

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19. CONcrete support and protection for breastfeeding mothers

  • Exclusive breastfeeding to infants for 6 months and more.

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To exercise self restrain or influencing ones own emotions  


  • Be familiar with the emotional triggers
  • Habit of relaxing & thinking  with clarity ,
  • Apply the mindfulness to the situation , 
  • There are healthy alternatives  ,
  • Seek guidance from your net work , mentor
  • Don’t react right away.

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